Founded by Marc Abdallah, a Creative Director who has proven history of remote work with the industries finest institutions, most notably Choueiri Group and their subsidiaries, Pantene, Arabnet to name a few.Okarray is a tailored solution to the post-covid age. It is a collective of experienced individuals who have a long history of working well remotely together on large projects and have over the years established a constructive, solution-oriented synergy, always following the motto «Putting the good of the project first»You can select one or more of the talents based on your project´s needs, or simply send us a brief and we will revert back to you with a formula.
Okarray revolves around fortifying human relationships with the client. We believe that work flourishes best, and becomes organically effortless once a bond with the client is established.
Okarray delivers agency standard quality without costing astronomical agency retainer fees.

At a time where meetings are getting more sparse, video remains the best medium to tell your brand story with clarity. Whether it is for pitches, presentations, conferences, we can help you capture your audience.
We can turn complex data into easily digestible infographics, white papers, motion graphics videos and advertorials and boost your positioning as a thought leader, all while maintaining the integrity of your brand.
We can conceive and execute your digital and offline campaigns and help you deliver your message to your audience through press ads, web banners, social posts, OOH, and advertorials.
We can help create your new brand or build on your already existing brand, while taking into consideration the agility our era requires in a fast moving digital landscape.
We can help you build your web and mobile presence, through a user centric approach and the oversight of the latest technologies and trends.
We can help you create content in all its forms from copywriting, to social and video, keeping your users and followers engaged.

Imagine sending a brief at 6 PM, and receiving the deliverables the next day at 9 AM.

Sounds like a client fantasy right?

That is exactly our experience working with Marc on innumerable videos, infographics, press ads. You name it. The only reason I would not recommend him is that I selfishly do not want to share him as a resource.

Lara Khoury, Marketing Director, Choueiri Group

Marc was one of the key team members since Arabnets early days. He helped conceive the brand and showed great agility to accomodate for our rapid growth and expansion to business intelligence, editorial, and conferences. He created the identity for over 21 initiatives and handled the production of more than 14 of our conferences, along with our communication, all while dispalying savviness across different media.

Omar Christidis, Founder & CEO, Arabnet

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