I’ve always valued collaborations. Collaborations of any kind.
Whether it’s a project, dancing on tables, or finding a home for a stray puppy. It all works better when people share resources and merge powers. In fact, I merged powers with 3 bottles of wine to get over the horror of writing code to set up this blog.
I also value variety. I believe that we are all born to fulfill a spectrum of missions as opposed to one goal only. I don’t believe that a great shoemaker is only good at making shoes. I believe that if that same shoemaker is handed a paint brush, he will also paint beautiful things, and if given the right insights, he can come up with the next Snapchat or whatever you kids are using these days.

I believe in a zest that can be translated across different channels.

We all consume different things, and invest our years in enriching our souls, minds, and the layers of our being, and it would only be reductive to assign one medium to someone just because they spent a lot of time getting acquainted with a specific tool. If you have spent a lot of time getting acquainted with a tool, it means that you have lingered long enough to get to know that tool along with its fears, dreams, eating habits and insecurities. But does it mean that you really have something to say?

Let us all say things in every possible way. We can start by saying hi.